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The Ambulatory Care Center at the H.J. Heinz Campus

Floor One

Graphic icon of a camera. Click to view more pictures. Slideshow: View more pictures of the Ambulatory Care Center's transformation—from the site's groundbreaking ceremony in May 2009 to today.
An artist's rendering of the new ambulatory care center at the H.J. Heinz campus.

The Ambulatory Care Center's first floor will house: outpatient pharmacy, audiology and speech pathology, dental, physical medicine and rehabilitation, prosthetics, adult day care, patient registration, a Heroes Hall, agent cashier's office, police station, coffee shop, walkway to the existing long-term care facility (at building 51) and a flexible education space called a "Learning Exchange."

Floor Two

Visitors to the second—and top—floor in the facility will find phlebotomy, specialty care, radiology and primary care with integrated behavioral health services and services for new Veterans.

The move-in date for the 117,000-square-foot, $38.2 million building is set for fall 2011.

Next month: a closer look at the Consolidation Building at University Drive.  

5 Questions for the Man Behind the Ambulatory Care Center

Jerry Pifer

"I have a fantastic team, and we are all very proud of this building."

- Jerry Pifer

Senior Resident Engineer Jerry Pifer

Q: What is your favorite part of the building?
"The atrium—with its terrazzo flooring and all the architectural features—is going to be beautiful when we are finished."

Q: What are you most proud of regarding this project?
"I think the thing I'm most proud of is what the building is going to do when we are finished. It's not just a building. It's a facility to help a Veteran. They really deserve as much help as we can give them. We had a goal with this building and that goal was to give Veterans the very best."

Q: What little detail about the building would be surprised to learn?
"There are close to 400 auger cast pile in the foundation. Each cast pile is 16 inches wide and 40 to 60 feet long, and together they transmit the load of the building to the top of rock. In Pennsylvania, it is unusual to have to drill so deeply before hitting rock."

Q: Describe this Ambulatory Care Center in one sentence.
"Without getting mushy...just a great facility. A state-of-the-art facility."

Q: What is the first thing you are going to do when this project is over?
"I am going to spend more time with my wife. I probably see her just two hours a day because I spend so many hours at work. I just got her out of the hospital, in fact, and now I recognize how important she is to me."

  Nailing down the details 
  • 393 interior doors installed
  • 1,147 parking spaces (up from 750 spaces pre-construction) designated
  • 19,000 estimated square feet of terrazzo flooring installed in four colors: Butternut Squash, Pennsylvania Charcoal, Bragg Tan and Carlisle Cream
  • Design accents include cherry trim and maple panels
  • Interior color scheme is a a mix of grayish blue, moss green, purple and earth tones